Tuesday, 17 December 2013

How To Detect Fake Facebook Account?

Nowadays, we often get so many friend request especially from girls, but there is no way to identify that account is fake or original. So don't worry, actually there is a way to know whether it is real or fake.

So this is a Facebook account which named by Tha Senged. To verify  wether this account real or fake, we need to go to HERE and click on camera image.

So when you click on search by image you will get popup like below image.

 Now go to that profile, right click on image and click on copy image URL

Later, paste the image URL in the search box

When you hit enter, you will get some related image search

Now that we can know whether the account is real or not. My advice for you, when you want to add any beautiful or handsome individu on Facebook, better check it first whether it's real or fake.
Those guys might be spying / stalking  on your profile and steal personal information and interrupt your privacy such as stealing photos and etc.