Saturday, 21 December 2013

How To Hack Facebook Using Phishing Method

Lately, many facebook user want to hack other facebook users' account especially jealous Girlfriend or Boyfriend. This method is quite easy and can make you get a lot of email and password.

Understanding the Attack Method

A phishing page is used to steal login credentials and other valuable information such as credit card details.A phishing page appears to be exact copy of a legitimate page but it is coded for stealing.

Preparing the Weapons

1- First, download the files HERE 

2- You need to have a web hosting account. Just register yourself at any of free webhosting site. This is my suggestion :


Free Web Hosting Pro 

As for me, I will use 000webhost, so firstly, go to the webpage and register yourself there. 

I suggest you to choose free subdomain. Just write the name of your website in the column. Your website name must be interesting, so it can makes the victim attracted. Fill up the forms, fill in the recaptcha given , agree with their term of service and then click Create My Account.

A verification email will be send to your email account. Verify and login to your 000webhost account. Once you have logged in, you will see List of your domain . Click Go To Cpanel.
Scroll down the page, you will see the File Manager. The icon is like this

Click your file manager, and you will be redirect here

After that, click public_html folder and you will see 2 files, such as default.php and .htaccess

Click Upload and you will get this

At here, 

Click choose file and browse for the that you have downloaded.
Upload them. And you will get something like this

Now your phishing site have DONE! :)
Go to your site, and you will get a clone of Facebook login page :D


Now, what you need is to spread/send your phishing site link to your victims. Once they have logged in a text file named pasu.txt will be generated. The victims' email and password will be there. Go to your file manager and check the text file. It would be somethin like this

Yeay! Now you have hacked a Facebook Account ^_^

That's all Phishing Tutorial from me. More Facebook hacking trick will be posted soon :)
Leave a comment if you have any query, or you can contact me on Facebook :)