Saturday, 4 January 2014

Chiangraientersoft HTML Injection

Hello guys :D Today i'm going to share to you about html injection. This method works on Thailand websites mostly. Let's get it started. :)

Finding Vulnerable Target

Dork : 

Vulnerable at 'Qform.php' at Field Subject/Title



1- Firstly, choose any dork and paste in Google.

2- As usual, pick any site. DUH! :P

Exploiting Target

1- Paste the exploit at the end of the url


And you will get something like this

2- Fill up the form, you can choose any file as the attachment. i'm so lazy so i just upload a .jpeg file :P

After your file is successfully uploaded, it would be listed at or

Click on your post and you will see it :P

Live Demo:

That's all tutorial from me, :)

Black Eagle