Tuesday, 14 January 2014

How To Upload Shell In Wordpress Site

In this post, i will show you TWO ways to upload shell in WordPress Site.

1)Editing the WordPress theme

In this method, not all wordpress site can be edited the theme, because certain site admin has change the permission of changing theme. In that case, the theme cannot be change.


1- After you have logged into the site, you will see the admin Dashboard

2- On the left site, move your mouse to Appearance and click on Editor

3- When you click on Editor, you will see something like this

4- Select the theme Twenty Ten and select 404.php

5- Remove all the codes, and paste your shell script there

6- Update it and your shell will be executed.

7- Your shell will be at /wp-content/themes/THEMENAME/404.php



2)Uploading New theme

If changing the theme doesn't work, you can try uploading your shell by uploading new theme.


1- Firstly, download the modified Worpress theme with shell in it.

2- Alright, now go to Themes and click Install Theme

3- Click  Upload and you will get an upload option.

4- Browse the theme that you have download, news.zip , and click Install Now and you will get this :D

5- Your shell will be live at /wp-content/themes/news/bcc.php

Example :


That's all. Easy right? :P