Thursday, 16 January 2014

Simple-Upload-53: File Upload Vulnerability

Finding Vulnerable Target

Dork : inurl:simple-upload-53.php

1- Copy and paste the dork on Google.

2- Choose any site, and you will get an upload option

Exploiting Target

1- Choose your image, you also can upload your deface page , or shell using Tamper Data.

2- Your file will be live at /files/yourfilename.jpg

Example :

This is an old exploit, the vulnerable websites are not many. 

Besides, you also can  TROLL people. :D!%20Hacker%20detected!%20Dont%20waste%20your%20time.%20This%20site%20wont%20allow%20you%20to%20upload%20anything%20%3Cbr%3E%20-Black%20Eagle-%20%3C/br%3E

That's all my tutorial ^_^