Saturday, 8 March 2014

Malaysian Site Hacked During Ops #Gila #Hempas As A Warning To The Govermernt of Malaysia

Once again, Malaysian Websites was attacked by hackers from their own country. If examined in detail, this time the attacks similar to the attack made by "Sofea Hana" during the last elections.

In the past, "Sofea Hana" listed several demands on the defense of the rights of the people, this time, Ops #Gila #Hempas also feature some of the claims. Defacement of them listed on the hacked website: -

  1. Oppose PBS implementation burden teachers and students. They are not experiments whatever reason given
  2. Abolish GST burden subtly .
  3. Against Trans- Pacific Partnership agreement Agreement ( TPPA )
  4. Kelantan willingly want to impose hudud. Let them implement hudud in advance while other states observe their development .   
  5. People increasingly pinched as the cost of living rising . Please execute Free Education 
  6. Multiply the number of affordable homes for the people.
  7. Please MACC perform tasks more transparent and unbiased .
  8. MACC urges probe leakages of public funds .
  9. Eliminate leeches Road ( Suit AES) .
  10. Please preserve the dignity of religious leaders is not just in the mouth alone, but through action .
  11. Please execute the administration of religious mold in total, not per the British .
  12. What's great about Taib Mahmud up her immune from MACC ? Please MACC bold and transparent in matters such as this !
  13. Lower the price of the vehicle . We can not afford to wait until PRU14 .
  14. Do not hide things about people , such as the rise in Senyap2 RON97 without the knowledge of the people .
  15. Why is there a high profile case closed while there are still no solution ? Please transparency in the investigation, we the people do not forget . 

  List of the hacked websited that have been submitted in Zone-H

Based on what we have been informed, Ops #Gila #Hempas this time joined by many local hacker groups including RED BEAN ARMY.