Sunday, 4 May 2014

Symlink Tutorial

Assalamualaikum and greetings, today i'm gonna show you how to do symlink.

Things Required:
-Shelled site
-Shell with "eval"
-Mysql Interface  


1- Make a new folder

2- Upload and database.php  into the folder

3- Click on the permission

and change the chmod from 0644 to 0755.

4- Click chmod

5- Click on Eval , and you will see this

echo file_get_contents('/etc/passwd');

Simply click on GO! and you will get as in the picture below. Select all and copy


6- Open up your

and you will see this 


7- Paste all in the listbox

8-Write any thing in the textbox 


10- Once it done, the symlinked sites config will be in the directory / folder that you created ealier.


11- Click on any of the .txt file, and you will see something like this or similar, Because different CMS got different config order.


 12- The username and password usually at $user and $password. You need to use you brain for this.

 13.- Now, open up your Mysql Interface (database.php) and enter the username and password that you've got. Click enter


 14-  You will get this, click on the bottom column Tables


 15- Now, it's time to reset the admin password, find something related to "user", for example, for Joomla sites, they usually use jos_user, and for WordPress is wp_users. Depends on its cms. In my case, my site is Joomla, so it would be jos_user


 16- Click on Data and you will see something like in the picture below. Click on edit and replace the password with your password (encrypted in md5).


 17- To login into your website, its depend on the website CMS.

Joomla!      -
WordPress -
Other         -

That's all symlink tutorial. Thank you!