Friday, 19 December 2014

[EXPLOITS] DNS Hijacking

DNS Hijacking with 000webhost and Afraid

  • 000webhost account
  • account
     -Login to your account.
     -At List of your Domains , click on Go to CPanel
     -Scroll down and click on File Manager
     -Upload your deface script as index.php into the public_html folder
    -Do not forget to delete .htaccess and default.php
    -Once you have login, click on Subdomain and Add a subdomain
    -You will see a form, choose Many many more available
    -Now click on Shared Domain Registry
     -You will see a lot of domain. You can pick any site as target, or search for specific target such as .gov,.edu and more.
    -After that, you will get Add a subdomain form. Fill the form as below and save.
    -If success, you will see something like this