Thursday, 4 December 2014

[GUIDE] How to Earn Money Easily with 8Share

New Way Of Earning Through is very easier for all. 8Share is basically dedicated to people who're active in social network. But to earn effectively you definetely need some tricks . It don't helps a lot through sharing , earning will be less than you ever imagine. Following Tutorials allows you Boost your says earning to as high as RM50.00 in a week! There are a few type of social network to share with Google Plus , Facebook, massage , WhatApp, Viber, Twitter , email, blogspot, forum or linkedin.

If you like sharing the latest news on social media, then you’re in luck! In our Specials section, you’ll get paid for broadcasting sponsored content. Gain access to exclusive resources to effectively broadcast Specials that will increase your earnings significantly once you’ve signed up.

Get paid in cash! Once you accumulate RM50 and above, request and get your money directly deposited into a bank account of your choice between 10 - 18 days . Obviously is better & faster payout then nuffnang that takes me in a months.

Frequent Asked Question

How to start earning?
  • Once you have registered, Login to your account and you will see something like this 
  •  All Specials is what you are going to share. Just choose any ads, and click on 
  •  You can share it via Twitter and Google+ , or you can also share it elsewhere. Simply click on Generate your share link and copy it.
  • You will receive 0.20 cent per Unique Visit. 
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