Thursday, 1 January 2015

[GUIDE]How to change your Windows Appearance into BackTrack

Change the theme and color scheme

1- Download and install WindowsBlind Crack
2- Download , install and apply Ubuntu theme for WindowsBlind

Stardock WindowsBlind
Ubuntu for WindowsBlind
 Change the Default Start Orb Icon

1- Download and Install Classic Shell
2- Download BackTrack icon
3- Run Classic Shell, tick Replace Start button and Custom
4- Load the downloaded icon and apply changes

Classic Shell
BackTrack Icon
Adding Toolbar and Shortcuts

1- Make 3 folder named Applications , Places , System
2- Place it anywhere
3- Right Click on the taskbar, Toolbars > New toolbar and load your 3 folders
4- Drag them to the left (unlock the taskbar first)
5- Open the System Folder, paste the shortcut for CMD , Browser or anything as you like.

Move Taskbar Location to the Top